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Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: New Science Questions Old Beliefs

By Bartek Nogal Aug 12, 2015

SHBG is a sex steroid binding protein that’s gotten a lot of bad rap in the past. But this may largely be based on faulty interpretation of in vitro research experiments that were not set up to answer an inherently physiologically complex question. In this blog we dig a little deeper and review some emerging findings on what SHBG is truly capable of, as well as give you some tips on how to use this biomarker to track your own metabolic health.

So….what’s new with SHBG?

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, or Babolat Mens Jet Mach I All Court Tennis Shoes Black/Champain ErT7LRT
, was discovered back in the 1960s for its ability to bind the hormones estradiol and testosterone.We’ve done quite a bit of work toward understanding more about this “carrier” protein, but have learned surprisingly little in the way of its multiple functions.

A large majority of doctors still have a unilateral view of SHBG as a biomarker that ties up sex hormones from binding their cellular receptors and thus prevents testosterone and estradiol from initiating downstream effects, such as bone remodeling and protein synthesis.

This may be because the protein’s multiple functions are far from thoroughly understood, but one thing is clear -- it’s anything but a simple carrier of sex steroids whose levels need to be minimized at all cost.In this blog, we’ll look at some very interesting findings that should make you (and your doctor) rethink how the SHBG lab test should (or should not) be interpreted.

The protein, the myths, and “new” science

The SHBG protein, along with albumin, are the primary plasma proteins responsible for binding testosterone and estradiol, with just 2-3% of the steroids believed to be free and unbound. SHBG is glycosylated, which means that it has sugar structures attached to it, and this, as we’ll see, can mean that the protein can vary in its characteristics from person to person depending on the genetic make-up.

For those who are scientifically inclined, or care to know, the average SHBG association constant for testosterone is approximately 1 x 10 9 L/mol, compared to albumin’s 3 x 10 4 L/mol. The larger number means that SHBG binds its ligand (testosterone) several-fold tighter than albumin. Its affinity for dihydrotestoterone, or DHT, is higher still. To add its fondness of sex steroids, SHBG also holds onto its ligands a lot longer than albumin -- up to 20 times!

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independent - international - incisive

by Karel Beckman 21 Comments

Jeremy Corbyn presents new economics (or is it old economics?)

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for the nationalisation of the UK energy industry in order to deliver the transition to a low-carbon economy. That may sound radical and ambitious, writes Karel Beckman, editor-in-chief of Energy Post, but it is not a solution at all. According to Beckman, the Labour Leader is shirking the responsibility to come up with realistic and effective climate change policies.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK Labour Party, laid out his vision for the energy sector in a speech he held on 10 February to the Alternative Models of Ownership Conference.

The speech is worth a closer look. Variations on this debate are taking place in many countries, although few will want to go as far as Corbyn is proposing.

Corbyn has two general points to make. First of all, he argues that the privatisation of the energy sector in the UK has been a failure.

He says: “ It cannot be right, economically effective, or socially just that profits extracted from vital public services are used to line the pockets of shareholders when they could and should be reinvested in those services or used to reduce consumer bills. We know that those services will be better run when they are directly accountable to the public in the hands of the workforce responsible for their front line delivery and of the people who use and rely on them. It is those people not share price speculators who are the real experts .”

“Energy independence for some will mean rising bills and unreliable energy for the rest”

According to Corbyn, in many countries privatisations are being reversed, though he mentions no examples from the energy sector. “ There are very good reasons for what s taking place ”, he notes. “ The neoliberal ideology that drove the privatisation frenzy forgot a key lesson that s understood even by conventional neoclassical economics; that where there are natural monopolies, markets fail .”

The architect of Thatcherite privatisation, Professor Stephen Littlechild thought regulators could mimic market competition but he was wrong. The regulators have proved too weak, [too] close to the companies they re supposed to be regulating and too prone to corporate capture

Corbyn says that “ Without genuine competition or public accountability private ownership of key utilities has meant customers at the mercy of rip-off price fixing. The case for public ownership is so clear and so popular and we ve demonstrated how it s an investment with no net cost for the taxpayer .”

But as a Lubavitcher it’s in Penina’s lifeblood to be encouraging Jewish practice among Jews. And the children’s days at TMN do after all involve Judaism and prospective parents must know that and be happy about it.

After bandying about a number of taglines, Penina settled on one from me: “Tomorrow matters now”. It suggests that parents should not consider nursery mainly a convenience for themselves but rather a vital stage in their children’s development. It also serves to remind Jewish families that the future of their local minority community depends on kids imbibing it from a young age.

We were excited that the tagline’s acronym TMN is the same as the nursery’s, so paired the corresponding words in the masthead.

The color palette was easy: we used the seven colors from the logo, a great design by one of Penina’s children depicting a cuddly blue Torah surrounded by multi-colored geometric shapes. These six stylized children suggest diversity and also form in marvellous negative space a curved Magen David (Star of David). I did do away with the nursery name encircling the logo; enjoyable 1970s throwback notwithstanding, the sideways lettering was hard to read and moreover shrank the great graphic within.

In addition to the logo colors, OFSTED ’s purple serves as background for the menu in order to integrate its badge within the menu area and simplify the header.

The colors are further expressed by patterned backgrounds around the site. These are SVG graphics adapted from Steve Schoger’s invaluable Heropatterns collection.

Bright colors and polka-dots bringing good cheer, typography was liberated from the cliche of nursery website childish lettering. Instead, Hoefler Co’s classical Puma Women’s Ignite Flash Evoknit Wn Sneaker Puma Blackasphaltpuma White 2b57vYNNTP
handles the titling and makes the case that tomorrow matters now. We soon noticed that Sentinel is the title typeface for Brighton Hove Council itself.

For the contrasting body text, Women Ladies Thong Style Toe Post Evening Casual Flat Diamante Soft Jelly Slipper Sandal Shoes Size Silver JJ0OZHQiG
somehow evoked to me the gracious wooden Montessori materials themselves. Only later did we realize it’s also the Council’s body typeface!

Similarly, I spotted the site’s faint grey rainbow pattern background adorning a Brighton bus! These uncanny visual tie-ins with local municipal institutions were somehow reassuring.

A third Hoefler typeface, AgooLar Womens Lowheels Frosted Solid Buckle Pointed Closed Toe Sandals Pink BUKiUC
, renders people’s names; it seems especially jolly alongside Sentinel.

Although the site began conceptually as a one-page scrolling affair, Penina worried that her target audience would require the reassurance of a menu. Relenting, I attempted to educe from a site menu something novel, arriving at a series of thought-bubbles. A disc separates each top-level item; then, when an item is hovered, an interim disc appears to the left-hand disc’s bottom-right; and to the bottom-right of that is the pulldown, not in the typical shape of a rectangle but as a circle. Hopefully these thought-bubbles tie in with the multi-colored circles in the logo.

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